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The Wildwood Chronicles, Book I

Autor*in: Meloy, Colin

Jahr: 2012

Sprache: Englisch

Umfang: 560 S.

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Prue McKeel is keeping out of trouble. Or trying to. Then her baby brother is abducted by crows and hauled off to the woods beyond the city. It is up to Prue to bring him back. On her mission she is plunged into the world of Wildwood and there she meets more trouble - and magic - than she ever thought possible.

Titel: Wildwood

Autor*in: Meloy, Colin

Verlag: Canongate Books

ISBN: 9780857863263

Kategorie: Jugendbibliothek, Romane & Erzählungen

Dateigröße: 9 MB

Format: ePub

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